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My Top Five Favorite Views of Mexico City

Mexico City dares you to try and take it all in.

view from Torre Latinoamericana lydia carey

From the Torre Latinoamericana

I swear that this is the view that made me fall in love with the place where I live. I know that for some those lights crawling up the surrounding mountainside may signify sprawl and population explosion but all I can see are streetlights I want to stand under and neighborhoods I want to explore. There is nothing like having a drink and looking down at the constant motion that lies just below the Torre’s 44 floors.

By Leandro's World Tour [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsBy Leandro’s World Tour [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

From Inside Chapultepec Park

Looking at the skyline from inside the park, it’s as though the whole city is filled with greenery that sprouts skyscrapers and antennae. If only that were true. Still, I like the edges of the park framed by the city, it makes me breathe a little easier.

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From the air, on a night flight

Mexico City never seems so big as when you are flying over it. I remember when I first started traveling I felt that coming home and seeing the lights of the Lakeshore was awe-inspiring, but Chicago has nothing on Mexico City. Like a mighty star in the desert, it never ceases to overwhelm me with its brilliance.


From a restaurant terrace on the Zócalo

As you look down onto the Mexico City Zócalo, day or night, it’s impossible not to think of all its reincarnations. The once center of a marshy lake is now home to temples, government buildings, commerce, protestors, cyclists, taxi drivers, indigenous dancers, politicians, rock stars, beggars and thieves.  It’s a cliche stop on your tour of Mexico City, but necessary for getting under the city’s skin.

view from the sidewalk lydia carey

The View from the Sidewalk

The mass of human bodies that daily navigate this city makes me feel like plankton in the ocean, swimming and bobbing alongside all the other sea life. We naturally weave and swerve to avoid and accommodate each other and fill the city’s veins with its human blood.

My dream vistas:

– From a hot air balloon

– Traveling by canal, 300 years ago

– From the bell tower of the Metropolitan Cathedral



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